With working Americans’ survival at stake, the US is bailing out the richest

With working Americans' survival at stake, the US is bailing out the richest thumbnail

Without significant oversight, Congress’s economic relief bill will leave millions of everyday Americans in financial peril

Amid a humanitarian crisis compounded by mass layoffs and collapsing economic activity, the last course our legislators should be following is the one they appear to be on right now: bailing out shareholders and executives who, while enriching themselves, spent the past decade pushing business corporations to the edge of insolvency.

The very survival of working-class households is now at stake. Yet the $500bn dollars of public money that Congress’s relief bill provides will be used for a corporate bailout, with the only oversight in the hands of an independent council similar to the one used in the 2008 financial crisis. While that body was able to report misuses of taxpayer money, it could do nothing to stop them.

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