We’ve reached the ‘mad emperor’ stage, and it’s terrifying to behold | Richard Wolffe

We've reached the 'mad emperor' stage, and it's terrifying to behold | Richard Wolffe thumbnail

Trump incites violence from the safety of a bunker, then orders peaceful protesters tear-gassed for the sake of a surreal photo op

Writing from a Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King Jr famously told his anxious fellow clergymen that his non-violent protests would force those in power to negotiate for racial justice. “The time is always ripe to do right,” he wrote. 

On an early summer evening, two generations later, Donald Trump walked out of the White House, where he’d been hiding in a bunker. Military police had just fired teargas and flash grenades at peaceful protesters to clear his path, so that he could wave a bible in front of a boarded church. 

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