TikTok’s first auteur: Zach King on his madcap micro movies

TikTok's first auteur: Zach King on his madcap micro movies thumbnail

He scored his first viral hit with Jedi Kittens. Now the farmboy from Oregon’s joyous visual gags are making him a titan of TikTok – with 43 million followers and rising

Somewhere in socially distanced southern California, the sun is rising on another bright day for Zach King. “My mornings are family time,” says the 30-year-old film-maker and father of two. “Then I brainstorm and write. When we’re not in quarantine, I work with my team. But I’m figuring out productions solo at the moment.”

You might assume from this that King creates big-screen productions, advertisements or maybe broadcast TV. Not so. Much of his best works last for a minute or less, and are most widely viewed on digital platforms, where they compete with lip-synching teenagers and eruptions of Mentos dropped in Diet Coke. With 43.2 million followers, King is the third most popular content creator on TikTok, the video-sharing app; he expects to rise higher. “By the time this comes out, we should be at No 2,” he says.

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