‘They threw us into chaos’: Wisconsin lockdown ruling is latest in partisan war

'They threw us into chaos': Wisconsin lockdown ruling is latest in partisan war thumbnail

Wisconsin supreme court ruling striking down Democratic governor’s stay-at-home order underscores division in the state

A conservative majority on the Wisconsin supreme court struck down a stay-at-home order from the state’s Democratic governor on Wednesday, further illustrating the remarkable amount of power Republicans have in the state and the way they have been able to curb the authority of their Democratic rivals.

The Wisconsin decision is the most significant legal victory for conservatives, egged on by Donald Trump, who are beginning to challenge stay-at-home orders across the country through protests and legal actions. Republican lawmakers in Michigan, where the legislature is extremely gerrymandered, are also challenging the legal authority of a similar order issued by the state’s Democratic governor there. Other suits from businesses challenging stay-at-home orders in other states have been largely unsuccessful, so far.

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