The best online workout classes to keep fit at home

The best online workout classes to keep fit at home thumbnail

The world’s most in-demand fitness instructors are ready to raise your pulse. Push back the sofa, pump up the volume and move your body

Texan yoga guru Adriene Mishler is one of the best things to have come out of the Lone Star State since Dr Pepper. Unpreachy but wise, “the people’s yogi” keeps it real with mismatched outfits, a nice line in self-effacement and a zen pooch called Benji, often found chilling mat-side. The living-room sessions, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, open up with “What’s up, my friends!” and last from five minutes to an hour. Tailored to just about every ailment or state of mind out there, there’s yoga for writers, for productivity, for bedtime, for joggers, for stress relief, weight loss, back pain, vulnerability and self-respect. Charming and calming, she offers herself as a “buddy”. When “shit hits the fan, I have your back.” YouTube, free. Find What Feels Good subscription, £8.15 p/m

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