Safe and Legal Real Estate Investment Process in Turkey

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Every year, many people are defrauded by a cheater while buying real estate all around the World. In Turkey, according to the reports, 300.000 people were swindled while trying to purchase real estate and cannot take their money back yet.[1]

Especially during the pandemic, fraud cases in the real estate sector increased a lot. Some of the most popular frauding methods in the real estate sector are; showing fake ads for sale or using a fake deed of real estate and false deputation. Also, the cheaters make the lands that belong to the Turkish Government seem for sale for a very affordable price, and they take down payment from more than one person.

Foreign investors are one of the main target groups for scammers since they are unlikely to know the legal processes, such as license check and inhabiting situation of the real estate, which they want to buy in Turkey.  Not to be exposed to these fraud cases, foreign investors must pay attention to where they sign. Also, the documents must be thoroughly read and examined. Besides, if the agent is the intermediary when buying or selling real estate, legal methods should be preferred. Being careful is very vital in choosing the real estate agent and real estate consultant. The real estate agent may be visited at the workplace, and their documents should be asked clearly. There must be an arranged contract for the work done. Foreign investors must publicly question the land registry office and the municipality when real estate would be purchased, mediated, or without intermediaries. The house’s floor, number, license, and inhabiting situation must be checked. When buying land or field, information about the island/parcel, province, district, and village neighborhood should be explored. If suspicious information is detected, it is necessary to make location determination and measurement to the cartographer in order not to take the wrong place and to take more confident steps.

We, as Haliç Property and Ketenci&Ketenci Law Firm, are more than eager to do all the paperwork and legal transactions for our customers. As a result, there won’t be a probability for foreign investors to be defrauded. Our legal partner Ketenci&Ketenci Law Firm has more than 40 years of senior experience in legal practice. Our law firm business partner having lots of domestic and international awards has professional paralegals who grant you a fast process to obtain Turkish citizenship. With their team of international lawyers and consultants, they offer legal services and consultancy in the fields of corporate law, real estate law, and second citizenship through investment, foreign company organizations, and the opening of foreign and company bank accounts.[2]

If you want to have a property in Turkey and acquire Turkish citizenship, you can contact Haliç Property and Ketenci&Ketenci Law Firm for a legal and safe process of investment.



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