Roger Federer’s surprise ATP-WTA merger plan receives warm welcome

Roger Federer's surprise ATP-WTA merger plan receives warm welcome thumbnail
  • ‘Now is the time for men’s and women’s tennis to be united’
  • Federer boosts campaign for unity but obstacles remain

Roger Federer’s surprise suggestion that the governing bodies who have separately run men’s and women’s tennis for decades should merge to steer the game through the global health crisis and beyond has predictably received warm approval.

However, although combining the different ranking systems, schedules and rules of the ATP and the WTA is superficially appealing, considerable political obstacles remain. The existing hierarchies will take some persuading to vote themselves out of high office, for a start, whatever the passing observations of a universally admired legend of the game who has won 20 majors and whose opinion carries probably more weight than that of any other player.

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