– Nick de Bois condemns Islamophobic BNP leaflet.

– Nick de Bois condemns Islamophobic BNP leaflet. thumbnail

A recent political party leaflet distributed in Enfield has been condemned as “scaremongering” by an MP.

Enfield North MP Nick de Bois has criticised the British National Party’s leaflet that has been distributed in the borough, accusing it of “attempting to create tension for political gain”.

The pamphlet blasts Islam claiming that the religion is a “threat” to the British identity.

It goes on to say: “We help local communities oppose applications to build mosques and threaten our British identity by converting churches and pubs into Islamic centres.”

Mr de Bois said: “This type of ‘copy and paste’ literature – which doesn’t even try to focus on problems in Enfield – is just scaremongering.

“If any BNP politician bothered to look, they would see both the Union flag and the Cross of St George proudly flying outside the Civic Centre. So to argue the council is banning flags in order avoid offending Muslims is 100% wrong”.

In addition, the leaflet warns against “organised Muslim sex gangs” attempting to groom young girls.

The MP added: “This type of leaflet is designed to stir up racial tension for the purposes of political gain. It is reprehensible and people in Enfield will see straight through it”.

However, BNP’s London organiser Stephan Squire has defended the party and claims that Mr de Bois is trying to “reinforce stereotypes about the party” and win over “the muslim vote.”

Enfield Independent

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