Lee Hendrie: ‘My wife went through an awful lot. She’s seen me on life-support machines’

Lee Hendrie: 'My wife went through an awful lot. She's seen me on life-support machines' thumbnail

The one-time England midfielder has had a tough time of it since he left Aston Villa in 2007 but playing in ITV’s Harry’s Heroes and recent work as a pundit have given him renewed hope

“Look at this, Lee,” I say as I lower my head towards the screen. Lee Hendrie peers back at me. We have been talking for an hour during a gripping and sometimes distressing interview on Zoom. We have reached a painful segment as Hendrie, the former Premier League footballer who played once for England, has opened up like never before. After detailing the “five or six times” he has tried to kill himself, Hendrie has spoken about his feelings of shame.

“You see how white my hair is?” I ask Hendrie.

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