I’ve been ill for months, but I still don’t know if it is Covid-19

I’ve been ill for months, but I still don't know if it is Covid-19 thumbnail

I’ve had a fever, a cough and breathlessness since February, and been in and out of hospital. If it isn’t coronavirus, what is it? By Simon Hattenstone

I’m lying in bed, shivering like crazy. My partner, Diane, is asleep, and I burrow deep into her back. I’m sweating like crazy, too. I’m desperate for the loo, and I run there in my shivery sweats and sweaty shivers. It’s only five minutes since I last went. When I sleep, the same obsessive moment plays again and again. It’s to do with numbers. I need to get past number nine, but I can’t. The dream lasts for hours. Finally, I force myself awake. Ten minutes have passed.

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