A journey through Islamic faith

Segments of this booklet have been extracted from one of Exhibition Islam’s flagship publications called; ‘The Islam Guide: An insight into the faith, history and civilisation’. ‘The Islam Guide’ is a thought provoking book that provides an unprecedented exploration of the beliefs, teachings and practices of a religion that encompasses a fifth of the world`s population.

Overview of Islam

•Islam: Islam (lit. voluntary surrender or submission) means to fully submit to the Will and Law of God. It has the same root (S-L-M) as the Arabic word Salam (peace). As is clear from the connection between the words, it is through submission to God’s Will and Law that a person finds peace.

•Attitude to life: The word Islam, therefore, is not a name that derives from a specific man or nation. Rather, it is descriptive of a state of mind and a whole way of living, thinking, and acting that God ordained for humankind

•Innate religion: Islam is also defined as the religion of Fitrah (the natural inborn need for and awareness of God). According to Islam, every human is born with an innate knowledge of God and a natural inclination to believe in His Absolute Oneness.

•One religion: Islam introduces itself not as a new religion, but as a continuation of the same message of pure monotheism revealed by God to all of His prophets, beginning with Adam and ending with Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

•One God: Islam is strictly monotheistic; there is only one God and no mediator between God and mankind. It is strictly anti-discriminatory; humanity has one origin, Adam, and God created Adam from dus.

A brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam