‘I won’t be as passionate as before’: how sports fans changed in lockdown

'I won't be as passionate as before': how sports fans changed in lockdown thumbnail

Some fans are excited about the return of live sport, but others have enjoyed taking a break from all the hype

I’ve missed it much less than I thought I would. Initially, I really missed the cadence of the Saturday afternoon – the results, the analysis and the narrative that went with it. As time went on, I missed it a lot less and realised that trying to keep up was tiring. I’ll be a lot more selective about what I watch when it returns. I’ve completely fallen out of love with the Premier League and its feelings of self-importance. I couldn’t care whether the league comes back or not given that people are dying from a pandemic. This has been an overdue awakening for how important football really is. Neil Tween, 36

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