How we stay together: ‘If he wouldn’t dance, it wouldn’t have worked’

How we stay together: 'If he wouldn't dance, it wouldn't have worked' thumbnail

Alex Garcia Marrugo and Pedro De La Rosa met as teenagers – even then, they were sure of each other – and 29 years together, sometimes long-distance, hasn’t changed that

Names: Alexandra Garcia Marrugo and Pedro De La Rosa
Years together: 29
Occupations: Lecturer and engineer

She was young and in love but when the then 15-year-old Alexandra Garcia Marruggo discovered her 18-year-old boyfriend Pedro De La Rosa couldn’t salsa dance, she knew she had a problem. The pair grew up in Barranquilla in Colombia and salsa dancing is part of their culture. Alex remembers: “The first time I went to a party and he didn’t know [how], I was like, ‘Whoa’.” So she taught him how to dance. Fortunately he learned quickly and the couple spent much of their teens and 20s dancing in salsa joints.

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