Having a House in the Asian Side of Istanbul

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The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning announced that the goal of the Istanbul Financial Center is to build a broader financial center than the ones in New York and Dubai in Istanbul and therefore make it an international financial center.[1]

How Will The Financial Center Of Turkey Be Like?

According to the statements, the project aims to create a center that will be the heart of the financial sector and a place that lives 24 hours a day. In approximately 2 million 500 thousand square meters of construction area, there will be; 560 thousand square meters of office, 90 thousand square meters of shopping centers, 70 thousand square meters of hotel, 60 thousand square meters of residence and a Culture and Congress Center with 2 thousand people capacity.[2] All social facilities of this region, such as schools, mosques, nurseries, are being built to meet the needs of our financial center. Infrastructure projects, transportation of this region, drinking water, sewerage, and rain water-related processes are carried out with the General Directorate of the Bank of Provinces. In 2022, our Istanbul Financial Center will start to live and come to life. This place will become an important center where all kinds of finance-related sectors such as our banks, financial institutions, international financial institutions, insurance institutions, and The Borsa Istanbul locate.[3]

Seventy thousand people will serve directly in the Istanbul Financial Center when it is over. There is also a metro station for the connection to the Umraniye-Kadıköy metro line and the financial center. As of today, steps are have taken to solve the traffic problem at the transportation point. Social areas, eating and drinking areas, navigation areas, all the details that will meet the needs of




our workers here are calculated in the project as well.[1]

Haliç Property’s Projects Near Turkey’s New Financial Center

Haliç Property's Projects Near Turkey's New Financial Center

As Haliç Property, we offer our valued consultants the chance to live near the Istanbul Financial Center. By investing in our HP194 and HP191 projects, you can both have a home near the financial center of the future in Istanbul and get the right to become a Turkish citizen. Moreover, if you do not want to live in Turkey, you can easily rent these apartments in beautiful sites with many facilities such as swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, saunas. At Haliç Property, we provide services in many areas, from selling houses to consulting for Turkish citizenship, from renting your houses in Turkey to controlling your home. More details and more photos about all our projects are available on our website, and you can call us for all questions you want to ask.


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