Coronavirus US live: ‘What you’re doing is saving lives’: Cuomo calls quarantining this generation’s challenge

Coronavirus US live: 'What you're doing is saving lives': Cuomo calls quarantining this generation's challenge thumbnail

New York governor recalls wars and the Great Depression to give perspective on self-isolating

“It’s been 56 long days,” Cuomo says. “Generations are called upon to deal with high levels of difficulty. We are called upon to deal with this crisis. Day 56. The 1918 pandemic went on for two years. We’re in day 56. World War I went on for four years. The Great Depression went on for four years. You want to talk about economic anxiety? You want to talk about people losing homes, not being able to feed themselves, people living in camps, people living in cars. World War II, six years. Vietnam War – that intensity, every night, every night to have to hear about the tragedies – went on for eight years.

“I get 56 days is a long time, and I get it’s the worst thing that we have experienced in modern history. I get that. But just a little perspective – not that it makes our situation any better, but it gives you a sense of perspective: Yes, in life, things happen. On an individual level and on a societal level. Things happen and you have to deal with it and it’s hard. But on the other hand it makes us who we are, you get shaped by your experiences. This is a terrible experience to go through. But we will manage it, we will handle it and will be the better for it.

Cuomo, stressing the need for more testing and federal assistance, says he is signing an executive order that will allow independent pharmacists to conduct diagnostic coronavirus tests. There are about 5,000 pharmacies in New York, Cuomo says.

He adds that he is expanding the scope of eligibility to get a coronavirus test in New York state.

These are the first responders, health workers and essential workers who can be more eligible for testing…

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