Coronavirus: Jordan to resume international flights

Coronavirus: Jordan to resume international flights thumbnail

Jordan plans to resume international flights next week with a three-tiered system to isolate and track travelers who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

The Transportation Ministry says all passengers must be tested 72 hours before departure and again on arrival when international flights resume on Tuesday.

Those arriving from “green” countries will not be required to quarantine if their test is negative. Those arriving from “yellow” or “red” countries will have to spend seven days in quarantine and another seven in home quarantine.

Those arriving from “red” countries will have to wear tracking bracelets while in home quarantine.

Jordan, a country of 10 million, has one of the lowest infection rates in the region — 2,161 confirmed cases and 15 deaths.

The country reopened schools on September 1. Nearly two million children returned to school in Jordan on Tuesday after a five month-absence, although authorities were forced to suspend teaching in some areas due to a spike in cases of COVID-19, officials said.

Several schools for Palestinian refugees and state schools were closed in some neighborhoods of the capital, Amman, after cases doubled in the city of 3 million in recent days.

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