Are the Tories attacking Muslims to win votes?

Are the Tories attacking Muslims to win votes? thumbnail

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury consider, exhibit A:

Sajid updated

Sajid Javid, the Conservatives’ highest ranking Muslim, told The Telegraph: “I absolutely think there has been a misplaced sense of political correctness that prevented authorities, whether social workers or police, from properly investigating what was going on [in the Rochdale child sexual exploitation].

Mr Javid went on to say that some communities in parts of Britain have a ‘cultural’ problem that allows women to be viewed as commodities.

Now, consider exhibit B:

TM updated

Theresa May announced that British authorities will be given powers to close down mosques where extremists gather under a future Conservative government.

Mrs May also proposed a raft of measures to promote British values “more assertively” by changing visas to ensure visitors follow them and review citizenship laws to ensure effectiveness.

Finally, consider exhibit C:

BOJO updated
At the time, he also told The Sun: “I often hear voices from the Muslim intelligentsia who are very quick to accuse people of Islamophobia.

“But they are not explaining how it can be that this one religion seems to be leading people astray in so many cases. They are not being persuasive in the right way with these people.”

So to summarise the evidence, we have three potential Conservative leaders bashing Muslims within the past month.

And to what end? To win over UKIP voters. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, this morning told UKIP voters “it’s time to come home“. So what is Mr Cameron competing against?

A ‘fifth column’ of some Muslims ‘hate us and want to kill us’, says Farage as he claims there has never before been a migrant group that wants to ‘change who we are and what we are

It certainly is a chilling prospect when senior Conservative figures are tripping over each other to attack Muslims to please UKIP voters. It is as if the Conservatives have given up on winning the support of 2.7 million British Muslims.

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