What can US small businesses do during the pandemic – and why is it so confusing?


There’s little we can do besides apply for relief programs, and expect both a long wait for money and to get less than promised

One of the worst parts of this whole pandemic thing is not the lack of information from our government. It’s too much conflicting information. Do we wear masks or not? Does that malaria drug work on Covid-19 patients? Unfortunately, the same holds true for the government’s small business relief efforts.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been telling thousands of business owners that they can get relief from the federal government. I’ve been telling them to go for a $2m low-cost, longterm economic injury disaster loan from the small business administration and even get a $10,000 grant just for applying. I’ve been saying that they can also apply for paycheck protection money where banks will lend up to $10m and then the small business owner can apply for forgiveness based on the amounts spent on payroll and other operating costs over a two-month period.

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