Fiona Apple: Fetch the Bolt Cutters review – a strange, exceptional record


By turns offbeat, amusing and wistful, the New Yorker’s long-awaited fourth album finds her in mesmerising form

Few records released this spring will feature a dead dog’s bones as percussion, and what sounds like a simulated sex act between a singer and a piano. But then, few recording artists are quite like Fiona Apple, a performer whose slim body of work – this is only her fourth full-length record – belies her years toiling in the dark heart of the music industry (coming up to 25).

Fetch the Bolt Cutters is a strange and exceptional record, even within the context of an uncommon career. It shakes, rattles and rolls with unorthodox percussion, and on the opening track – I Want You to Love Me – the singer hiccups in ecstasy, facing off against an arpeggiating piano as though competing to climax first.

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