Farce and tragedy: how an audacious coup attempt in Venezuela backfired – podcast


An attempt earlier this month to remove Nicolás Maduro from power ended in farcical failure as a seaborne invading force was captured easily following a series of mishaps. World affairs editor Julian Borger tells the bizarre story

It will go down as one of the least successful attempts to overthrow a government in modern history. The audacious plan by a former US army staff sergeant, Jordan Goudreau, to invade Venezuela by sea and capture Nicolás Maduro ended in a fiasco. The invading force, including two Americans, was quickly captured, with the deaths of eight men. The Associated Press had already published the plan for the invasion, the chief funders had withdrawn from the scheme and disowned it and the men were only lightly armed. Many were wearing shorts and T-shirts and suffering from seasickness.

The Guardian’s world affairs editor, Julian Borger, tells Anushka Asthana how the plot began with a political fixer linked to the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, but ended in a spectacular failure that has emboldened Maduro.

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