‘Enjoying monotony helps’: how to take on the world in competitive jigsaw puzzling


Australian D’Arne Healy, on the joy of puzzling and the tension of the global tournament, where rivals help pick each others’ pieces off the floor

It was the comments that planted the seed in D’Arne Healy’s mind that she might become a competitive jigsaw puzzler. Whenever she would do puzzles with friends and family, they’d react to her with a combination of envy and awe.

“The comments coming from onlookers were getting repetitive, like ‘how did you do that so quickly?’,” she says. “They would say things like, ‘I take weeks, and you’ve just done it in a couple of hours.’ ‘That is so amazing, how you do that?’ I started to wonder if I really was fast at doing puzzles, and the only way to find out was to race against another puzzler.”

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