1 April, 2020

Coronavirus: Who’s Leading the Global Fight?

A wave of coronavirus infections from people traveling into China is putting the country on edge over whether it should keep the doors open to its students and workers who live elsewhere.
Shaken by the almost 600 “imported” infections it’s caught after it brought its domestic case growth to zero, the Asian nation has already announced a sealing of its borders to foreigners from Saturday.

Back to Work
The pandemic’s epicenter has shifted out of China, with the U.S. now emerging as the worst-affected country while large parts of Europe continue to suffer. Globally, over 532,000 people are sick and 24,000 have died. China, meanwhile, is slowly going back to work, its factories have begun clanking again and its lockdown of Wuhan, the city where the virus first emerged, will be lifted on April 8 after fresh cases dipped to zero earlier this month.

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