Coronavirus US live: Pence says White House looking to wind down taskforce as death toll passes 70,000


Opinion: Will Americans ever forgive Trump for his heartless lack of compassion

Francine Prose writes for The Guardian:

To exist at this moment is to navigate (or try to fend off) the flood of grief that threatens to submerge even our rare, buoyant moments. We mourn the death of friends and relatives, the absence of human contact and the everyday pleasures we once took for granted. We can’t stop thinking about the tens of thousands of families facing hunger, bankruptcy and homelessness even as they struggle to endure the loss of someone they dearly loved.

What’s striking, if not surprising, is that this deluge of sorrow has run dry at the door to the Oval Office.

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Trump struck a similar tone while speaking with ABC. “It’s possible there will be some” deaths, the president said, but “we have to get our country back.”

BREAKING: Pres. Trump tells @DavidMuir “it’s possible there will be some” deaths as states ease coronavirus restrictions, acknowledging it was the choice the U.S. faces to reopen the economy.

More tonight on @ABCWorldNews.

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