Coronavirus US live: new Trump press secretary McEnany tells reporters ‘I will never lie to you’


Donald Trump has passed further comment on the allegation against Joe Biden, in an interview with Fox News commentator and podcast host Dan Bongino.

“I would just say to Joe Biden, ‘Just go out and fight it,’” Trump said, adding in typically contradictory style: “He’s gonna have to make his own decision, I’m not going to be telling him what to do. Biden is gonna have to go out and fight his own battles.”

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The National Archives has responded to Joe Biden’s interview with MSNBC and lengthy statement denying the allegation of sexual assault against him, telling HuffPo’s Amanda Terkel:

“Any records of Senate personnel complaints from 1993 would have remained under the control of the Senate. Accordingly, inquiries related to these records should be directed to the Senate.”

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly asked Biden if he would authorize a search of his Senate papers, as a matter of transparency. He declined, insisting the records “do not contain personnel files”.

“They’re not there,” he said.

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