Coronavirus US live: intelligence report concludes Covid-19 was not ‘manmade or genetically modified’


Maryland governor Larry Hogan’s decision to keep the state’s coronavirus tests guarded at an undisclosed location comes after reports emerged earlier this month that the federal government was confiscating shipments of medical equipment.

Colorado governor Jared Polis said earlier this month that the state’s order of 500 ventilators had been “swept up” by FEMA. “We’re competing against any other state, every other country,” Polis told CNN. “Now we’re even competing against the federal government.”

Maryland governor Larry Hogan said he is keeping the 500,000 coronavirus tests he obtained from South Korea guarded at a secure, undisclosed location.

While discussing his fears that the tests would be seized before reaching Maryland, the Republican governor said the tests were being guarded by the National Guard and state police at an undisclosed location.

Maryland @GovLarryHogan on whether he was concerned that the federal government would seize the tests the state procured from South Korea. He says the tests are being guarded by the National Guard at an undisclosed location.

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