Coronavirus US live: Cuomo wants to reimagine, not just reopen New York


Cuomo says he is in favor of bringing sports back in some form provided it can generate revenue without ticket sales. “We want to bring sports back, so there’s an activity that people can watch on TV,” he says. “What sports can you do without an audience? What sports can you make work economically where you don’t have to sell a seat in the stadium or in the arena?”

He adds: “They have to be creative and they have to think about it.”

Cuomo says he is in favor of bringing sports back in some form as long as it can generate revenue without ticket sales/bringing fans to stadiums and arenas: “Everybody has to think outside the box, because there is no box.”

Cuomo says he wants to reimagine rather than just reopen the state.

“I don’t want to just reopen,” Cuomo says. “We learned a lot of lessons here. Painfully, but we learned a lot of lessons. And that’s what reimagine means to me. How do we take the lessons we learned, take this pause in life and say, ‘When we reopen we’re going to be better for it, and we’re going to reimagine what our life is, and we’re going to improve for this pause.’ Even on an individual level. You had time to decompress a little bit. I think everybody when through a period where they analyzed their life and when somebody all of sudden pulls the rug out from under you and you wind up in a different place, you just see life differently. And I think that’s true for most people.

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