Coronavirus live news: Sweden reports highest number of new cases as WHO launches €7.5bn fundraising bid


Cases in the Philippines pass 7,000; Russian cases jump by more than 5,000 in a day; no deaths in South Korea in last 24 hours

António Guterres joined leaders from the European Union and beyond on Friday to ensure all countries receive the tools to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking during a virtual WHO launch event, Guterres said treatments and vaccines should belong to the whole world, not to individual countries or regions.

Not a vaccine or treatments for one country or one region or one-half of the world, but a vaccine and treatment that is affordable, safe, effective, easily administered and universally available for everyone, everywhere.

The early easing of lockdowns in Ghana and Burkina Faso this week has revealed differing views in West Africa on the most effective application of lockdowns, in response to outbreaks of Covid-19, writes Emmanuel Akinwotu, the Guardian’s West Africa correspondent.

In many countries in the region, lockdowns have been imposed early on entire cities. But it has sparked outcry amongst the poorest. Lockdowns on economic activity have weighed heavily on large populations reliant on daily wages, in informal labour.

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