Coronavirus live news: Spain records another drop in daily death toll as cases worldwide pass 1.85m


China reports highest daily cases in over five weeks: WHO official warns Covid-19 will ‘stalk’ human race; New York deaths slow

Hello. This is Josh Halliday, in Manchester, UK, taking over from Damien Gayle while he has a bite to eat.

The mayor of Moscow, Russia’s capital, has accused foreign bots of attacking a new electronic permit system meant to keep residents off the streets during the city’s anti-coronavirus lockdown, Andrew Roth reports from the city.

The new site was to give Muscovites a QR code to travel around the city for purposes like going to the hospital or to certain jobs. Police have also begun to block some traffic entering and exiting the city.

В Химках образовалась пробка из машин скорой помощи с пациентами, у многих из которых подозревают коронавирус и пневмонию.

Скорые едут в 119 больницу, которая была перепрофилирована для приёма пациентов с COVID-19.#coronavirus #лучшедома #мы24дома #москва24 #м24

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