Coronavirus live news: deaths in Spain start falling again as Easter begins under lockdown


Boris Johnson leaves intensive care; cases worldwide top 1.6m; UN chief says virus threatens global security

While vast numbers of countries have told citizens to stay home and practice social distancing, there is growing concern about the millions of prison inmates who remain stuck inside cramped and often squalid facilities, Rebecca Ratcliffe, the Guardian’s south east Asia correspondent, reports.

Footage taken inside a prison in Cambodia, released by Amnesty International, shows inmates lying side-by-side, in some cases with limbs stretched over another, because there is such little space.

We’ve received shocking footage from Cambodia, revealing the inhumane conditions inside one of its prisons. Such extreme overcrowding is a ticking time bomb for a #COVID19 outbreak. Cambodian authorities must immediately address this overcrowding crisis.

The principle of “herd immunity”, at one stage touted by the UK government as a possible solution to the coronavirus outbreak, has taken an apparent blow after a study in Austria found less than 1% of the population is infected with coronavirus.

The first such study in continental Europe, led by pollster SORA which is known for projecting election results, aimed to provide a clearer picture of the total number of infections, given gaps in testing, Reuters reports.

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