Coronavirus live news: Covid-19 outbreak increasing across Africa, WHO warns


Russian prime minister diagnosed with coronavirus; Denmark says partial reopening has not led to bigger spread of infection; Spain assigns time slots for outdoor activities

A group of Serbian opposition leaders staged a protest during an evening curfew to voice their criticism of the populist government’s measures against the new coronavirus.
Also on Thursday, thousands banged pots and blew whistles from their windows and balconies, even as authorities eased a previously announced 83-hour curfew planned for the upcoming weekend.

Serbia’s populist government in mid-March introduced some of the harshest measures in Europe, imposing a state of emergency, banning people over 65 years old from leaving their homes and imposing daily and weekend curfews.

The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Peru has surpassed 1,000, the country´s ministry of health said on Thursday.

The ministry said the number of deaths had risen to 1,051 from 943 the previous day, while the number of cases had risen by 3,045 to 36,976.

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