Coronavirus live news: China abandons GDP target for first time due to ‘great uncertainty’


Beijing tells regions to ‘tighten their belts’ amid Covid-19 fallout; Trump appears at Michigan factory without mask; Italy death toll could be 60% higher than assumed. Follow the latest updates

Among those imagining a new world post-coronavirus is the technical director of the French secret service, who has said the DGSE wants to recruit geeks rather than budding young James Bonds.

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After weeks of insisting the Washington DC area is not ready to end restrictions, the mayor, Muriel Bowser, has said the numbers are pointing to the start of a gradual reopening process at the end of the month.

Bowser has set Friday, 29 May, as a potential start date for phase 1 of the District of Columbia’s proposed three-phase reopening plan. That includes restaurants allowing outdoor seating, non-essential businesses offering curb-side pickup and hair salons and barbers operating by appointment at limited capacity.

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