Celebrities, coronavirus has exposed how irrelevant you have become | Rohit Thawani


With no red carpet premieres or awards shows, the only stars being clapped for are healthcare workers every evening as people rely on each other for unity

We Are the World. In 1985, the omniscient eyes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan and seemingly every other top artist witnessed what was obscured from our living room windows. It took Grammy winners to tear our hearts and wallets open to the struggles of starvation in Africa, to the tune of more than $60m. The artists whose voices personally shook our inner-core were the same philanthropists we trusted to enlighten us on issues larger than our own infinitesimal lives.

With the entire global population in varied stages of coronavirus quarantine in 2020, the time has never been been more opportune for our favorite artists to relieve the world once again. Unfortunately for those with blue checkmarks on Twitter and Instagram, the era of star-studded thoughts and prayers appears to be over.

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